WELCOME TO CABIN 'AU BORD DU LAC' For Reservations Call (906)370-4580 or email: cabinauborddulac@gmail.com
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The Cabin 'au bord du lac' is open year round. Please call for availability and reservations (906)370-4580 or email:cabinauborddulac@gmail.com Rates are as follows: $770 weekly. There may be a minimum 3 day stay for Fall, Winter and Spring. Nightly rates are $90-$110. An initial deposit of $100-$200 is required. If you find it necessary to cancel your stay with us please notify as soon as possible. I will gladly return your deposit if I am able to obtain a booking for that period. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. Your deposit must be received within one week of your confirmation. The cabin has high speed wireless internet service and basic TV cable. The cabin does not have phone service. You may want to take a cell phone. The cabin is non-smoking.

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